Floyd County Schools will be moving to all-virtual instruction after being identified as a “red” county by the Floyd Health Department.

On Friday, Oct. 23, Floyd County Schools Superintendent Danny Adkins announced that all FC schools will be moving online.

The shift to all virtual learning will begin Oct. 26, according to Adkins, and will last until Oct. 30.

“Due to Floyd County being identified as a red county by the Floyd County Health Department, schools will be moving to all virtual institution for next week, Oct. 26 through the 30th,” Adkins said. “We will reevaluate and make another announcement next Friday about the status of instruction the following week. This decision will also be based on whether we are identified as still being a red county or not.”

Based on the Healthy at School guidancefrom the Kentucky Department of Education and the Kentucky Department of Public Health, all counties are color coded as green, yellow, orange or red based on the average daily cases for a seven-day period.

According to Adkins, when the county is red, all instruction is virtual and extracurricular actives are suspended. This has been determined by health officials to be determined by health officials to be the best route to reducing the spread and protecting our students, staff and community.

Regarding athletics, Adkins said, due to the increase in the level of the COVID-19 categories determined by the KDE and the KDPH, the following decisions have been made using the guidelines provided by the state.

• All elementary and middle school athletics (games and practices) will suspended and reevaluated.

• Contests/games that fall under KHSAA postseason jurisdiction will proceed.

• High School games scheduled for Friday night and this weekend will proceed.

• Follow KSHAA Healthy at Sports guidance which allows practice, but no games or game-like simulations for teams not already in postseason play.

• Reschedule regular season contests planned for next week, when possible.

• Review the data again on Thursday evening and make another determination regarding athletics next Friday morning.

“The health and well-being of our students, staff and community is our first priority,” Adkins said.

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