Superintendent Danny Adkins announces an update to the extended closure for all Floyd County Schools, upcoming NTI activities, and more.

Adkins said, “In response to Governor Beshear and Commissioner Brown’s recommendations, all Floyd County Schools will remain closed until April 20, 2020. We will continue to follow the guidelines from Governor Beshear in order to help in preventing the spread of COVID 19. ”

Adkins said, “At this time, we have our Choice Board for the most recent NTI Days. We are working on the next Choice Board for our students and plan to post that board by Monday, March 30th. Students will once again have a reading activity every day. This time, students will have a math activity every other day and then will have choices for the remaining activities.”

Adkins also said, “We want to stress to our students and their families the importance of completing these activities as part of your routine schedule. We know it isn't the same as if you were in school, but we want you to remain in the habit of ‘school’ Monday through Friday.”

Adkins added about a new resource saying, “We realize that our current circumstances can be difficult for our students as they are for everyone and we wanted to have something to help our students. Thanks to the Crase Therapy Group, we have “Mind and Body” packets for students from preschool to high school ages. These are not required, however, we believe that these activities can help students during this difficult time. The resources will be housed on our website and we will have links on our website and social media sites.”

Responding to frequent questions about proms and graduations, Adkins replied, “We have not cancelled anything. We’re following the Governor’s recommendations and we’ll continue to do that. At this time we plan to provide proms and graduations for our students but we can’t give any details on that as we simply just don’t know. We do not want our students to miss out on anything, but safety, as always, comes first.”

Adkins closed saying, “I wanted to close with this. Operating out of the regular routine everyday isn’t easy for anyone, myself included. Whenever I start getting out of sorts, I think about our cafeteria workers and bus drivers taking food every day to two to three thousand kids; I think about our teachers and instructional assistants calling and checking on kids. I think about our school leaders and simply everyone pitching in to do anything we ask and volunteering when we haven’t asked, all to help students. This health crisis is not defining our district, but it is revealing the true day to day heroes that make it go.”

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