Hall Funeral Home in Martin announces that it is making changes to services under recommendation of Governor Andy Beshear.

This week, Beshear called on funeral home to limit visitors to only immediate family members.

"Weddings and funerals are both times that a lot of people come together," Beshear said. "And we really need your help. The same type of limitations need to apply. They need to be just the closest of family. Even though a funeral is something that everybody wants to go to who knew the person, we're just at a place right now where that can't be the case."

He suggested that families arrange private burials of their loved ones and host memorial services at a later date.

Hall Funeral Home said in a statement, "In Eastern Kentucky, perhaps more than anywhere else, we realize the importance of a supportive community as it relates to funeral service. We know that our community is always there trying to help ease the burden that has been placed upon a grieving family. In the weeks to come those families will need our support more than ever. That’s why we ask that everyone assist these precious families and our local funeral homes as we follow the recommendation of the governor, which is that services be limited to immediate family only. The actions of our community will be critical in the effort to keep allowing families to carry out their last tribute within funeral home facilities. We will be working on innovative ways to include our community members in the services 'remotely' as our capabilities allow and with the permission of the families that we serve. On behalf of our families, we appreciate your understanding and we ask that you pray for them, for us and our community as a whole."

For more information, call, (606) 285-9261.

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