Mary Westfall-Holbrook, Chief District Engineer, Highway District 12, announced Nov. 23 that Allen Maintenance in Floyd County is closed due to an employee testing positive for COVID-19. This brings the total number of D12 facilities affected by COVID-19 to six.

Letcher County and Knott County were closed Oct. 5 and Oct. 27, respectively. Shelby Maintenance in Pike County, Minnie Maintenance in Floyd County, and Johnson County Maintenance were all closed Nov. 12. All except Shelby have since re-open to employees not under quarantine. Shelby is expected to re-open Nov. 24.

Allen crew members who may have been in contact with the infected employee have been asked to quarantine at home for the next 14 days. During this time, routine work is suspended in the area served by Allen Maintenance. Emergency situations will be covered by one of the district’s remaining maintenance crews. First responders, citizens, and law enforcement should notify their Kentucky State Police post; each Post has a weekly on-call list for every D12 facility.

“In October, when we closed the Letcher County and Knott County garages,” Westfall-Holbrook said. “our crews were working split shifts. The shift that was not affected, did not have contact with the infected employee, took care of the work. Crews were consolidated at the beginning of November, so the situation is different now.”

Construction work underway by state contractors will continue as usual.

Westfall-Holbrook explained that professional cleaning crews will thoroughly deep clean and sanitize the Allen facility and equipment. “This will take several days,” Westfall-Holbrook said. “We anticipate that this garage will re-open within a few days to employees who are not on quarantine, once we ensure that all cleaning and sanitizing protocols are met.”

All of District 12’s seven counties are in Kentucky’s Red Zone. Red zone counties are those with 25 or more average daily cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 residents. When a county turns red, schools are asked to go virtual, sporting events are asked to pause, and visitation in long-term care facilities is restricted. Other Red Zone recommendations are as follows:

• Employers should allow employees to work from home when possible

• Government offices that do not provide critical services need to operate virtually

• Reduce in-person shopping; order online or pick up curbside as much as possible

• Order take-out; avoid dining in restaurants or bars

• Prioritize businesses that follow and enforce the mask mandate and other guidelines.

• Reschedule, postpone, or cancel public events

• Do not host or attend gatherings of any size

• Avoid non-essential activities outside your home

• Reduce overall activity and contacts, and following existing guidance, including the 10 Steps to Defeat COVID-19, which can be found at this link: .

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