Governor's Cup

The Duff- Allen Central Elementary Community Problem Solving Team, composed of Todd Prater, Alexa Morris, Brylie Pennington and Koen Reeves, placed second in Community Problem Solving at the state Governor’s Cup competition. 

Floyd County Superintendent Danny Adkins released a statement Wednesday announcing how Floyd County students performed at the Kentucky Association for Academic Competitions State Governor’s Cup held March 16-18 in Louisville.

“Congratulations Kade Scott from Floyd Central High School,” Adkins said in the statement. “This outstanding young man, who happens to be a sophomore, is the state runner-up in general knowledge for the high school division. Kade also placed seventh in Kentucky in arts and humanities.”

Adkins also announced the overall team results.

“We’re proud of Duff-Allen Central Elementary’s Community Problem Solving Team for their project ‘Essentials for Santa.’ This team is the state middle-school runner up,” he said. “South Floyd Elementary School’s team, and their project ‘Clean Up Left Beaver,’ placed third. We are proud of these teams for their performance at competition, but we’re more proud of these students trying to solve very real problems in our communities.”

Adkins named several students who tested well at the competition.

“While our other students did not make the top 10, we still have several who ranked in the top 40 within Kentucky,” he said. “In composition, Kaitlyn Hager, an eighth-grader from Adams Middle School ranked 12th; McKinley Martin, an eighth-grader from Duff-Allen Central Elementary ranked 17th and J.D. McKinney ranked 22nd.”

According to Adkins, at the high school level of competition in composition, Tabitha Mitchell, a sophomore from Prestonsburg High School ranked 28th in the state. Jada Reynolds, a seventh-grader from Allen Elementary ranked 34th in the middle school division and Preston Crace, a sophomore at Floyd Central High School ranked 38th at the high school division, while Lindsay Caudill, a sophomore, ranked 28th in language arts.

“We also want to congratulate Sara Springer (sixth grade), Brock Horne (sixth grade), Mason Buck (seventh grade), Alex Begley (eighth grade) and Brody Buck (eighth grade). These students performed admirably and will most definitely be back in state competition next year,” Adkins said. “This year we had more students in state academic competition than we’ve had in at least a decade. Our academic teams are growing and getting stronger, and our students are stepping out more and more to do something about concerns in their community. The board members and I are beyond proud of them and can’t wait to see what they will do next year.”

Adkins also thanked coaches, parents and community members for their support for the students and the teams throughout the year.

“Without you, we would not have so many students who are competitive at the state level in academics,” he said. “Thank you for helping them have this opportunity.”

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