Now that the City of Allen is returning to compliance and have their fiscal house back in order, the town can now look to rebuild its government and improve services for the citizens of Allen.

In January, the city voted to terminate its police chief and enter into a partnership with the City of Prestonsburg for police protection.

When that switch was made, 911 calls were dispatched to Prestonsburg and no longer alerting the Allen Volunteer Fire Department.

Prestonsburg Mayor Les Stapleton was in attendance, along with Prestonsburg Police Capt. Ross Shurtleff and Prestonsburg Fire’s Joe Reynolds for Allen’s regular meeting on Nov. 1.

“We call 911 for the fire department, it goes into to the Prestonsburg fire department instead of Allen, which is across the river. We need to get that rearranged somehow,” said Allen Commissioner Elmer Parsons.

Joe Reynolds explained that the PFD is not called out by their radios, but by their phones. AVFD Chief Frank Rudder expressed his frustration over his department being delayed when called out in emergencies.

“We had a wreck at the intersection, we were eight minutes later before we were toned out,” Rudder said.

Rudder also stated that was one of many calls where the response has been delayed.

“No, it’s not many, it’s four. Since we’ve had the contract, it’s been four,” Stapleton fired back.

The matter was quickly resolved with a phone call by Reynolds to Prestonsburg dispatch as Reynolds asked if the AVFD could be called out simultaneously as the PFD.

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