With its PRIDE cleanup right around the corner, City of Prestonsburg residents will have the opportunity to see if the old saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is true, as the city will host “Bargain in the Burg” this weekend.

On Monday, Prestonsburg Mayor Les Stapleton announced that the city would be hold its Pride cleanup beginning on April 12. Since residents will be going through their closets looking to get rid of items they may no longer have use for, Stapleton said, Prestonsburg will be hosting a citywide yard sale event on Saturday, April 10.

“(Denise Ousley Porter) contacted me this weekend and said, ‘Why don’t we have a citywide yard sale at the same time (as its Pride cleanup) because people will be going through all their stuff and they may not just simply want to get rid of it,” Stapleton said. “There’s a lot of truth in saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so this Saturday will be yard sale day in Prestonsburg.”

According to Stapleton, any resident who wishes to take place in the city-wide yard sale which has been dubbed the “Bargain in the Burg,” can contact the city’s Facebook page or they can call, (606) 886-2335. Stapleton said that residents will need to send city officials their name and address.

“We want people to know who in all will be having yard sales this weekend,” Stapleton said. “This is an opportunity for you to get rid of some stuff you may not want anymore and for some of the things that still have value in them, maybe you can pass them along to someone to be repurposed.

“We’re hoping to get a lot of people coming in to town looking,” he added.

According to city officials, any resident who chooses to participate is asked to respect their own space, as well as the space of others by continuing to abide by COVID-19 safety guidelines.

“Let’s kill two birds with one stone,” Stapleton said. “It’s a new year, the pandemic is hopefully nearing its end and spring is almost here. Let’s get fired up for it and let’s move into it with a clean house, clean heart, a clean mind and let’s get ready to go.”

The Bargain in the Burg citywide yard sale will take place April 10.

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