As more and more Americans take the jab, numbers are starting to fall across the country of those infected with COVID-19.

In Floyd County, those numbers are dropping as well, as the county’s incidence rate is hovering at 69.84.

According to the Floyd County Health Department, there were 34 new cases on October 10-11, bringing the total number of cases to 6,810.

There are now 244 active cases in Floyd County.

With the Jenny Wiley Festival taking place this past week, it will be a big test to see if there is a spike in numbers.

“It will be a test. It’s a wait and see what happens,” said Thursa Sloan, Director of the FCHD. “If we follow former patterns, I think we’re going to see our numbers go up in the next couple of weeks.”

There are currently 10 people in the hospital in Floyd County, with 12 of the 34 new cases fully vaccinated. Four are 18 years of age or under.

According to the FCHD, they are now seeing positive flu cases as well. Flu was all but absent last year, however, Sloan says that’s because more people were working from home.

“We’re starting to see people test positive for the flu. We didn’t have any flu last year because so many people were working from home, people were wearing masks, people were laying low,” said Sloan.

Sloan worries what will happen when COVID and flu collide.

“I’m really concerned about as active as everybody is right now, what’s going to happen with flu and COVID? I think it could be very problematic for us,” Sloan said.

The FCHD encourages everyone to get vaccinated and make an appointment to get your flu shot.

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