As the Delta variant surges across the nation, here at home, Floyd County saw an uptick in cases as well. The county has been moved to red on the state map, indicating a “Very High Risk.”

Floyd County is one of 18 counties listed as red statewide. Throughout the county, 15,628 people (43.9 percent) have received at least one dose, while 14,312 (40.2 percent) are fully vaccinated.

The month of July showed promise, as most Americans joined with family and friends to celebrate Independence Day. There were a handful of cases confirmed in the days after, but it looked as if Floyd County would make it through the holiday with minimal exposure.

However, it didn’t take long for the numbers to spike. According to the Floyd County Health Department, there were three new cases reported on July 6, and there were 17 confirmed cases from July 12-19. The numbers ballooned on July 20, with 16 new cases reported for the day, and the next day wasn’t promising, as the county recorded 13 new cases.

There were 58 confirmed cases in Floyd County for the weekend of July 23-25. 36 cases were confirmed on Friday, July 22, with 22 recorded on Saturday.

Floyd County Health Department Director Thursa Sloan has been working nearly around the clock since the pandemic began, and that work will only increase with the recent spike in cases. As of July 27, total cases in Floyd County were at 3,660.

“That will make us have about 158 cases that are active and, as far as we know, there are 10 in the hospital,” Sloan said.

Floyd County is not alone as infection rates increase across the country. The Eastern Kentucky county has had 28 cases in the past seven days.

“Out of those 28 cases, 21 were fully vaccinated,” said Sloan.

Sloan stressed that, in the cases where people were fully vaccinated, their illnesses were not as severe as some who were unvaccinated.

“Fifty-some percent of our people are not vaccinated, so it’s really taking a toll on the people who are vaccinated,” Sloan said. “It’s going to wear down the people who have the vaccine. … We have a low vaccine rate for our 25-45 age group. However, Floyd County residents 65 and older are right at 70 percent vaccinated.”

The Floyd County Health Department issued the following recommendations in order to protect yourself and your community:

• When you leave home, wear a mask.

• Limit exposure by avoiding crowds.

• Wash your hands frequently.

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