A Floyd County daycare worker has been charged with assault on children under her care.

Rita Morgan Gulick, 34, of Printer, worked at Wesley Christian Daycare when the incident took place, according to Floyd County Attorney Keith Bartley. Gulick is accused of four counts of second-degree wanton endangerment and a charge of fourth-degree assault (child abuse).

According to a warrant by Kentucky State Police Trooper Justin Wireman, "On October 1, 2021, Gulick, acting in the role of a daycare employee, at Wesley Christian Academy Preschool/Daycare, engaged in conduct which created a substantial danger of physical injury to four children (2 years of age and under)," the warrant states.

Bartley said there is reportedly video evidence of the incident

The warrant goes on to state that Gulick "intentionally and/or wantonly caused injury to a child two years of age or under by handling the child in a rough manner including slamming the child into a highchair and smacking the child's face multiple times."

 "Rita Morgan Gulick has been charged with one count of assault and four counts of wanton endangerment regarding the infants that were in her care in her role as a daycare worker at Wesley Christian Academy," Bartley said.

What is shocking in this case however, is the age of the victims, Bartley said. However, Bartley said, he will see that justice is done.

"Even though I can't comment on the specific facts or name these children, I do want to say

generally, as the chief prosecutor for the Floyd District Courts, one of my most important jobs is to bring justice to those who would bring harm to a child," said Bartley.

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