Over the past week, Floyd County Sheriff’s deputies have seized approximately five pounds of suspected methamphetamine and arrested eight people in Floyd County — including a suspected “major” drug dealer.

Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt reports that during investigations that have taken place over the past week, deputies have seized more than five pounds of suspected methamphetamine and recovered thousands of dollars in items that had been stolen in Floyd County.

A portion of that five pounds of methamphetamine was seized by a suspected “major” drug dealer, Hunt reported.

“We do pretty much know that some of this is a major, probably, source of meth to our region,” Hunt said. “We have probably got near to six pounds of crystal meth, in three days last week or four. It took a lot of hard work and long hours ... but we did get a break to a major dealer coming in from out of town, that we got nearly three pounds off of.”

Hunt reported that during investigations into alleged thefts and investigations of tips led deputies to arrest eight people in four separate cases. The first drug raid was at Ivel, the department reported, where two people were arrested with suspected methamphetamine and other illegal narcotics. Then, two people were arrested with about two pounds of suspected methamphetamine, cocaine and alleged stolen items and numerous firearms after a search warrant was issued in David. The third drug bust came when two people were arrested on Ky. 321 in Prestonsburg with three pounds of suspected methamphetamine and a firearm. In the fourth case, two people were arrested in Hueysville, where several ounces of suspected methamphetamine and other drugs were confiscated.

Hunt said the investigations helped the department recover thousands of dollars worth of items that had been stolen.

“We’ve recovered a stolen camper, a truck, and some things like that ... and then we ended up at David for a search warrant, that got us a large amount, I think we ended up getting two pounds of meth, thousands of dollars of stolen property, cocaine, and then, early Monday, late Sunday night, is when we got three pounds of crystal meth,” Hunt said. “At least two or three of them had firearms. One of them had numerous firearms in their possession. So, when it all gets totaled up, in about three or four days there, it was nearly six pounds of crystal meth, some cocaine, pills, easily over $5,000 of stolen property recovered. That’s besides what we recovered last week. This is just what we recovered this week.”

The list of items recovered, Hunt said, includes property that belonged to Clayton Mobile Homes, two vehicles, a box trailer and ATVs.

He said more information will be released at a later date.

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