Over the last few days, Floyd County has been trending downwards in its number of COVID-19 cases. However, according to the Floyd County Health Department, individuals should continue to use caution as the vaccination process continues.

On Feb. 9, Floyd County Health Department and Director Thursa Sloan provided an update regarding the number of COVID-19 cases, as well as discussed how the vaccination process continues throughout the county.

As of presstime on Tuesday, Sloan said that Floyd County has seen six new cases of the virus. That number, according to her, brings Floyd County's total number of cases to approximately 2,887.

"Our numbers have been on a downward trend the last three days and that seems to be the way it's going across the state," Sloan said. "However, that doesn't mean we should let out guard down. We need to continue to use caution and practice good social distancing."

According to Sloan, as of presstime on Tuesday, there are 13 individuals in the hospital due to the virus. She added, that Floyd County currently has approximately 240 active cases.

Regarding the vaccination rollout that continues here in Floyd County, Sloan said that the focus area currently are those individuals ages 70 and older. According to Sloan, all Floyd County Schools personnel who wished to receive the vaccine, should be receiving their second doses, which the department hopes to finish within the next two weeks.

Sloan said that the department, at this time, isn't quite sure when the phase 1C rollout will arrive, but she hopes individuals can expect that around two to three weeks time.

Sloan said that as the health department continue to receive up-to-date information, it will provide that to the public. She added that individuals can keep an eye out on the Floyd County Health Department's Facebook page for updates.

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