Recently, the Floyd County Schools Board of Education announced its plans for reopening its facilities this fall under a plan which board officials said will give parents and students flexible options. However, to finalize these plans, parents will need to complete an online form by August 7.

During its recent meeting on Monday, July 27, the Floyd County Board of Education announced its reopening plans for its schools throughout the county. According to Superintendent Danny Adkins, parents will be able to pick between two options to ensure they choose a route in which they are most comfortable with.

“Basically, we have two options and our parents will choose which option they take," Adkins said. "We have a brief summary page that has the highlights of the in-person model and the online learning model and there’s a link on the page for parents to click and let us know which option they are choosing."

The biggest difference, according to Adkins, will be the increased presence of online learning, which will be be "very different" than its NTI days from this past spring.

Students will be learning new material, have assignments and assessments and receive grades just like the students in the in-person learning," Adkins said. "Some kids will have a teacher in the room with them at a school and some kids will have a teacher on a screen via technology.”

Adkins said he knows that there will be an adjustment period, but added that the BOE is committed to providing "amazing" opportunities for its kids and will stay committed to doing so, while also providing a safe and secure place for its students and staff.

"To have those opportunities, we have to make sure our students are moving forward in their education," Adkins said.

The Floyd BOE will have a website that its parents or anyone can visit to see the full detailed plan. That website will include everything from riding the school bus, how schools within the district will be taking attendance to the names of the programs the district will be using for online instruction.

"We want our students, staff and families to know that our decisions have been based on safety, and on state and federal guidelines," Adkins said. "We are working diligently to create the best possible learning opportunities for our kids.”

According to Adkins, the board has been planning while reading guidelines from the CDC, reading recommendations and guidelines from the Commissioner of Education and Gov. Andy Beshear's office. He said the board tried to dot all of its "i's" and cross all of its "t's" throughout this process. However, the board is also aware that what they have come up with could be subject to change based on the guidance from Frankfort, Adkins added.

"We hope that parents will be patient with us and this process and try to be as flexible as you can if or when things change," Adkins said.

In order to finalize its plans, Adkins said the board needs all of its parents to complete an online form before Friday, August 7.

"We will post the summary page and all the links on our website and all our social media sites. We want parents to call the school your child may attend if you have questions," Adkins said. "Lastly, we want our parents to know that we are going to teach our kids; it’s just that some will be with us physically and some won’t.”

Individuals can see the BOE's full detailed plan at and parents can fill out the intent form at

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