New Director

Misha Curnutte, right, was hired on a contract basis to serve as the director of the Floyd County Recreation, Tourist and Convention Commission. Member Charlie Hicks is also pictured.

The Floyd County Recreation, Tourist and Convention Commission hired a director last week.

During a special meeting on  Nov. 28, the commission hired Misha Curnutte as director on a one-year contract basis, starting Dec. 1.

Curnutte’s contract was not released prior to print deadline. Officials report she will be paid $750 monthly in the position.

“I’m very grateful and I appreciate all of these guys,” Curnutte said.

Curnutte served as the volunteer director of the commission for more than a year through a partnership with the Big Sandy Area Development District. She recently started working at the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department.

The treasurer’s report approved at the meeting showed that the commission has nearly $232,000 in the bank. It also showed the commission has spent about $34,600 since Jan. 1, and the highest expenditure, about $8,900, reimbursed the Floyd County Fiscal Court for a stage at the Minnie Park, a fence at the golf course in Allen and ATV trail development.

Other expenditures this year include $8,400 for radio advertising in Prestonsburg and $5,000 for sponsorship at the Mountain Arts Center, among other expenses. The commission also previously approved spending about $10,000 for a lawn mower for the Allen golf course, $5,000 to buy property on U.S. 23 in the Allen-Banner area for a boat ramp and $40,000 to reimburse the fiscal court for moving the statue of Abraham Lincoln to the Middle Creek National Battlefield.

On Thursday, commissioners voted to spend $5,385 to reimbursement the fiscal court’s payment to Southeast Welding for the Abe Lincoln statue project.

Commission members Trinity Shepherd and Allen Lafferty, who were recently appointed, were not present at the meeting.  

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