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Friends of Jenny Wiley elected new officers at their monthly meeting November 17 at the May Lodge. Charly Wise was elected president, while Randy Burchett took over the vice president's chair. Susan Goble was elected as the new treasurer and Martha Burchett will continue as secretary.

The Friends of Jenny Wiley held its monthly meeting Nov. 17, in which they elected new officers among other business.

Floyd County Chamber of Commerce Director Charly Wise was unanimously elected president for the next two years.

Wise takes over for longtime President Randy Burchett.

Burchett, however, was nominated for the vice president's chair, to which he was elected unanimously for two years as well.

Burchett cited family and business reasons for stepping down from the presidency. Susan Goble was elected as the group's new treasurer, and Martha Burchett was re-nominated to serve as secretary.

Jenny Wiley State Resort Park has plans to build a state-of-the-art archery facility where the park's golf course was once located.

Archery has found popularity since area schools started fielding teams. Park Naturalist Trinity Shepherd said he hopes it will not only serve the youth and public, but also bring more visitors to the park.

"With the archery range, it's going to be a two-fold process. We have no place in Eastern Kentucky for kids to come and have a tournament. There's a lot of schools that are in this. You're talking about over 800 schools," Shepherd said.

Jenny Wiley State Park is in the process of drawing up their proposal to present to the Army Corp. of Engineers for approval of the new range. The range will also be open to the public at certain times of the year.

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