The Prestonsburg Police Department has been busy the past couple of weeks.

Officers said the PPD recently quelled a potential riot at the Floyd County Detention Center, after an inmate threatened trouble in the facility. The department also apprehended an escaped inmate from the FCDC at a local eatery.

“Last Saturday we received a call from the Floyd County Detention Center that they had received information that an individual was en route to the jail to try to drop paraphernalia. Her boyfriend, or significant other had threatened a riot if that package was not delivered,” Shurtleff said.

PPD patrolman Nick Bingham stopped the vehicle driven by Danielle Stephens, in which a quantity of illegal drugs, tobacco, and other contraband were recovered.

In the process of Stephens arrest, the inmate made good on his threat and unrest occurred in the jail.

According to PPD Captain Ross Shurtleff, the PPD, along with Floyd County deputy jailers and deputies from the FCSO were able to quickly regain control.

“We were able to secure the jail, we assisted the deputy jailers and they did a tremendous job of getting the jail secure,” Shurtleff said.

During the chaos that ensued inside, another inmate, who, was locked in a visiting room with plexiglass windows, used a blanket to kick out the window and walk out the front door.

“In the midst of that disruption, we received information that an individual had escaped from the jail,” Shurtleff said.

The two incidents are not thought to be related.

“While jail staff were attempting to restore order in the jail, this individual was secured in a visitation room that had plexiglass or glass viewing windows. He then took a blanket and kicked out the windows and walked out,” said Shurtleff.

The escapee was apprehended a short time later at Hobart’s Pizzeria by a Floyd County Sheriff’s deputy along with PPD K9 Officer Jake Chaffins and his partner Nelson.

Shurtleff assured the public was not in danger at any time.

“We had a dozen officers in the area while this was unfolding. Between the jail, and tracking down the escapee, there was 12 of us out that were dealing with that,” said Shurtleff.

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