Last week, a McDowell couple was arrested after allegedly stealing a number of Southern Water and Sewer radio read meters.

On Thursday, July 23, Chris Henson, 31, and Katie Henson, 33, both of McDowell, were arrested on charges related to theft of services and receiving stolen property after Southern Water officials said a number of the organization’s radio read meters were stolen and later found at Henson’s property.

According to Randy Conley of SW, approximately two weeks ago, Southern received a report one of its radio read meters had be stolen. Conley said the meter was one of the older models Southern had been using and that the meter was found at the residence of Henson.

Conley said the meter was pulled on July 17 to ensure theft of services would be halted. However, on July 18, God’s Appalachian Partnership called in reporting they had lost service and had no water.

“So we go out there looking for the meter and we always go back to the ones we just pulled,” Conley said. “We go back and look, and we find it at the residence of Chris Henson.”

The meter stolen from God’s Appalachian Partnership was pulled, according to Conley. But, the next day, July 18, Conley said Southern received a call from the Little Rosa Church, which stated the church had lost service and had no water. The church is located straight across the road from Henson’s residence, where the meter was found, he said.

According to Conley, on Monday July 20, he called and spoke to Floyd County Judge-Executive Robbie Williams to discuss the situation and obtained a warrant for Henson’s arrest. Henson, Conley said wasn’t arrested by Kentucky State Police until last Thursday.

“By that time, he had already stolen a fourth meter,” Conley said. “So, in total, he had stolen four meters that are around $240 a piece, then theres the issue with workers being out inspecting the issues and fixing them. KSP and us figured up that, all around, the damage he’s done is around $2,000 in total cost.”

Conley said that Southern has recently just took out a $1.4 million dollar loan for the purchase of those new meters.

According to court records, Henson was arrested and charged with theft of services as well as receiving stolen property. Katie Henson, was also arrested on charges of theft of services and receiving stolen property, court records said.

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