U.S. Army Pvt. Jacob W. Givens

U.S. Army Pvt. Jacob W. Givens

The family of a local World War II veteran who was missing in action reports that his remains were found and he will be returned to Floyd County for burial later this year.

Judi Calhoun reports that the remains of her grandfather Jacob Givens, who was reported Missing in Action in WWII, were found recently in Germany, and the family expects his remains to be returned to Floyd County in November. 

She said Givens’ remains will be brought in with “full military honors” into the U.S. and the family is planning a funeral for her grandfather that month at Hall Funeral Home in Martin.

Calhoun’s mother, Zelma Givens McDowell, of Prestonsburg, was only eight years old when her father went missing during the war. 

“She was an only child,” Calhoun stated. “Her life was forever changed and not for the better. She finally knows what happened to him and will get to give him the honor he deserves and bury him in our family cemetery where she will be buried.”

Givens was born in Ohio in 1914, and entered the army in 1944 — the same year he went missing. He was assigned to K Company, 3rd Battalion of the 60th Infantry Regiment, part of the 9th Infantry Division in the U.S. Army.

He served in the European Theater of Operations during WWII, and he went missing on Oct. 20, 1944, following an extensive battle in Germany. 

The Department of Defense reported in a press release that in Oct. 1944, Givens’ company was engaged in battle against enemy forces in the Raffelsbrand sector of the Hürtgen Forest, near Germeter, Germany. 

“He was reported missing in action as of Oct. 20, 1944, when his company reorganized after a severe counterattack and he could not be accounted for,” the press release said.

His remains were accounted for on June 17, the department reported. 

Givens’ name is engraved on the Wall of Missing at the U.S. Cemetery in the Netherlands. He will now be buried in the family cemetery, Calhoun said. 

“We are amazed that they are still looking for these who scarified everything for our country and sending them to their loved ones,” Calhoun said. 

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