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U.S. Sen. Rand Paul speaks at the first Floyd County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner, held Nov. 8 in Prestonsburg.

The Floyd County Republican Party held its first-ever Lincoln Day Dinner Nov. 8, with U.S. Sen. Rand Paul serving as keynote speaker.

Floyd County has been a Democratic stronghold for 100 years. However, the Republican Party has made major gains in the state the past decade in regards to registration. Both chambers of the Kentucky General Assembly have veto-proof Republican super-majorities

Floyd County Judge-Executive Robbie Williams introduced Dr. Paul during the event.

“As I look around the room and see this great crowd in attendance, I have to give credit where credit is due— Amber Burchett and the Floyd County Republican Committee have done an excellent job,” Williams said.

Paul has heavily criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), for funding gain-of-function research, a claim which Fauci denies.

The Bowling Green Optometrist wasted no time repeating those claims.

“They say a recession is when someone else loses their job. A depression, is when you lose your job, but recovery, is when Dr. Anthony Fauci loses his job,” Paul said.

Dr. Fauci testified in front of Congress that the NIH (National Institute of Health), did not fund gain-of-function research, however, in October, the NIH released a statement saying that in fact, the agency had funded the controversial research as Paul claimed.

Sen. Paul has long said he believes the coronavirus came from a lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China.

Dr. Fauci has dismissed the senator’s claim.

“What is the evidence it came from animals, versus the evidence it came from a lab?” Paul continued, “One of the biggest pieces of information is, they tested 80,000 animals from the Wet Market— Zero, no animals had Covid.”

As the Biden administration sees its approval numbers continuing to spiral, Virginians sent a message, electing Republican Glenn Youngkin to the governor’s mansion.

Paul told the crowd in Prestonsburg that, despite the crises the nation faces, the United States remains the “greatest nation.”

“We are the greatest nation known to mankind. The greatest nation in all of recorded history. Great, because we’re the freest. Great, because we were left alone. Great, because our founding fathers wrote down and codified the idea, that rights come from your creator,” Paul said.

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