Prestonsburg Tourism is working to increase the community’s stature among the mountain-biking community.

The organization recently represented Sugarcamp Mountain Trails at the Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance Bike and Trail Expo March 11. The tourism commission discussed the expo at their meeting on March 14.

“CORA is one of the main mountain biking entities in the U.S., but especially for Kentucky and the midwest,” said Prestonsburg Tourism Executive Director Samantha Johnson. “This is the first time they have done an expo, and it was great.”

Prestonsburg Tourism’s Brooke LeMonds represented the city at the event.

“It was a great turnout” LeMonds said. “The event ran from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., was insanely busy, and was shoulder to shoulder for five hours,” she said. “The response to Sugarcamp was insane. I gave out so many brochures, and had no voice left by the end of it.”

LeMonds said the city could potentially see some foot traffic going into the spring season.

“A lot of people said they wanted to head to Prestonsburg this season to see the trails and the passage (trail running from Prestonsburg to David),” she said. “I included the Passage for people who may have not been extreme mountain bikers, so they knew that we had trails to offer them as well.”

“Overall, I was very pleased with the amount of people we were able to reach,” LeMonds said. “I absolutely think we need to be back there next year. It will be held at the same location, they just plan on expanding it some.”

Johnson also discussed the possibility of branding Prestonsburg as the mountain biking capital of Kentucky. “We are working on trademarking, or really getting a service mark, of branding ourselves as the mountain biking capital of Kentucky” she said.

Johnson said people have already been calling Prestonsburg the mountain biking capital of Kentucky verbally, both locally and at trade shows, because of the Sugarcamp Mountain Trails.

“You're going to start seeing it on our signage, '' Johnson said. “To file a trademark, you must have two examples where you have already used it. So, the Sugarcamp crew has already been working with us to change their Instagram handles. We are working on service marketing and diving into that branding. We are without a doubt the best place for it, we are just in the application process at this point though.”

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