Last week, the City of Prestonsburg received its audit report for the year 2020, which auditors said went really well despite navigating through COVID-19.

On March 22, the Prestonsburg City Council held its first regular meeting since voting to move its time to the fourth Monday of each month and during so, the council received its 2020 audit report which was prepared by White and Associates, PSC, a certified public accountant firm based out of Richmond.

According to auditor Artie White, the city’s finances appear good.

"It seemed like this year was really good," White said. "Overall, I actually think that this year is better than last year's, it just keeps getting better and that's what I expect."

Last year, White said that the city's audit for the year ending in 2019 contained no findings was one of the best in terms of getting the information the firm needed in order to conduct the audit something of which White added, the city "actually improved in."

"It keeps getting better and that's something I expect," White said. "As long as I'm working for an entity and I'm auditing, I expect to see it improve each year. I know you've changed staff recently over the last couple of years but, I think that it's a lot better than it was the year before and it will continue to get better."

White added that despite having an "excellent report" the city should continue to be mindful of its reports and spending as audits are something to watch.

Prestonburg Mayor Les Stapleton asked White if he or his firm had any trouble receiving any of the information they requested to perform the audit to which White replied that he didn't, as he said that anything requested was received in a timely manner and adequate.

According to White, the city's tourism commission is expected to be caught up on its audit reports which should add an expected component unit to the city's next audit in addition to the city's utility department.

City Attorney Jennifer Elliott said that the 2020 audit was the first report in which the city didn't have "leftover" litigation from the prior administration something she said the current council should be very proud of.

"It's been a long process for our council to get where we’re at, but we're starting to get there," Stapleton said. 

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