The winner of this year’s Floyd Chronicle and Times Easter egg hunt was a Prestonsburg resident who said he found the egg in an area he had not been to in some time, which took him down memory lane.

Over the course of the last six weeks, our paper has published clues which would help Floyd County residents locate this year’s Easter egg which awards the winner $300. This year’s winner was Prestonsburg resident Sammy Sanders, who said he found the egg located at the overlook which on the Sugar Camp Mountain multi-purpose trail.

“It’s funny because I used to go up to the overlook with my dad back in the day, but I hadn’t been up there in years,” Sanders said. “I had actually forgotten how beautiful the trail and view was out there, so I’m actually glad the egg hunt got me back up there.”

Sanders said that his dad used to take him to the trail and the overlook when he was younger. However, he added that he remembers the trail a little differently from his memories.

“I could have swore that trail was shorter back in the day,” Sanders said jokingly. “I know I’ve put on a few extra pounds since those days, but dang I don’t remember ever having to take so many breaks when my old man used to take me up there.”

According to Sanders, he and his wife take part in the egg hunt nearly every year, as he said she loves trying to solve riddles. This year is the first in which they were successfully able to locate the egg and Sanders said that he was happy that this was the year, since the location brought back so many fond memories.

“It’s been so long since I’ve been out to the overlook and as crazy as it sounds, I almost forgot it was even there,” Sanders said. “It’s crazy because I live here and used to go there every now and then.”

Sanders said now that he’s been back to the trail and the overlook, he plans on going back more often than recent years and he encourages Prestonsburg residents to visit the trail themselves.

“I think a lot of times, we forget about what our city and area have to offer,” Sanders said. “People love to look at what other city’s and places have, but I know that I’m going to start back enjoying the trail because of this hunt and I think others should do the same.”

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