Ky. 1428 at milepoint 9.3, between Cow Creek and Western Construction, will be closed to all traffic on Thursday, Sept. 23, from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. to finish utility relocation work.

This is the second and final closure for a project which started Monday, Sept. 13, to created two new road crossings to relocate lines for Prestonsburg City Utilities in preparation for a soil nail wall construction to repair and embankment failure.

D12 Section Engineer Matt Moore said, “The embankment failure is about 100 feet long. The work zone is probably 500 feet long, more or less, to give sufficient clearance for the relocations.”

When soil nail construction begins, one-way traffic will be maintained, directed by flaggers on each end of the work zone.

Soil nailing is a construction measure that reinforces and strengthens existing ground to treat unstable soil slopes. Rebar is installed at a slight downward inclination in pre-drilled, closely spaced holes, grouted into place with concrete. In addition, synthetic strips or perforated drainage pipes are also installed. Drainage is a critical component of the soil nail process. This prevents erosion and damage to the wall from water buildup in the ground.

Moore asked that drivers slow down and observe the signs and flaggers for the safety of everyone driving through the work zone as well as the contractor’s crew.

“We know that traffic has increased everywhere since school started. We would have done this work earlier in the summer; however, there were problems getting materials delivered in time to do that," Moore said. "We need everyone’s patience and understanding during this temporary inconvenience.”

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