Floyd County Choral Festival

Elementary, middle and high school students from throughout the county participated in the Floyd County Schools Choral Festival at the Mountain Arts Center on Oct. 15.

Elementary, middle and high school students from throughout the county participated in the Floyd County Schools Choral Festival on Oct. 15. 

The Mountain Arts Center was packed for the event, which featured musical performances by the students who were selected to participate in each of the choir groups. Each student group performed four musical selections and they came together as a combined choir to close the performance with a rendition of “My Old Kentucky Home.” 

The Elementary School Chorus, led by conductor Barbara Kelley and Accompanist Dena Gibson, included the following students:

•Allen Elementary students Addison Blackburn, Nevaeh Burchett, Autumn Fortune, Alexis Goble and Kayden Johnson 

•Betsy Layne students Kobee Hamilton, Evan Watkins, Mary Slone, Danielle Slone, Candace Modaff, Kendra Adkins, Danyelle Hohenecker, Brookelyn Burchett, Kirsten Kidd, Gloria Rodriguez and Krista Baker

•Duff-Allen Central students Ashton Barnett, MeKailynn Caudill, Nadelie Caudill, Baylee Coleman, Chloe Huff, Breonna Ritchie, Kara Rose, Carlee Tackett, Anne Wells and James Hall

•May Valley students Barrett Williams, Brody Caudill, Johnathan Moore, Kyria Barnett, Aubrey Setser, Jacey Goble, Eliza Howard, Drew Akers, Star Shepherd, Marleigh Lawson, Brianna Lafferty and Kaelyn McWherter

•Prestonsburg Elementary students McKinnley Adkins, Marley Allen, Laiken Branham, Amelia Gilbert, Layla Greer, Lauren Hagans, Isabella Hall, Katie Harlow, Aleigha Jarrell, Kate Marshall, Alexis Miller, Bailee Ratliff, Lily Stewart, Paetyn Trusty, Isabella Vance and Alivia Williams

•Stumbo Elementary students Lydia Johnson, Allie Roberts, Emily Roberts, Zoey Hamilton, Kyndal Forsyth, Peyton Eplings and Tyra Tackett

•South Floyd students Lillian Blankenship, Alyssa Caudill, Tyler Hall, Phillip Mitchell and Hanna Slone.

The Middle School Chorus, led by Conductor Holly Knott and Accompanist Sarah Joseph, included the following students:

•Adams Middle students Alydia Hall, Jack Stapleton, James Demaschko, Ethan Caldwell, Brendan Smith, Lydia Martinez, Brody Napier, Madeline Lewis, Klair Newsome, Abi Justice, Kata Newsome, Kenadie Crowe, Isabelle Howard, Brady Allen, Allison Howard and Megan James

•Duff-Allen Central students Alexia Morris, Madison Lawson, Slone Akers, Ruthie Bays, Kylie Walters, Lindsey Marshall, Michelle Bentley, Alison Yates, Skye Shepherd, Tessa Spencer, Megan Bentley, Raegan Rose, Alanina Morris, Serenity Boyd, Todd Prater, Josh Frasure, Anthony Jones and Graydon Martin

•Allen Elementary students Natalie Hayden, Ashley Kilburn, Jada Reynolds, Ruthie Dillion, Madison Hamilton, Allie Hunter, Madison Jarrell, Emily Knott, Kate Moon, Lexie Mullins, Rheagan Music, Logan Rice, Abigail Hampton and Kierona Sherman

•Betsy Layne students Emily Conway, Keira Akers, Hannah Orsborne, Savannah Collins, Hailey Carroll, Megan Nichols, Molly Ousley, Lakynn Ooten, Makayla Kidd, Konor Kidd, Aubrey Adkins, Caden Kidd, Alyssa Stewart and Allie Hamilton

•South Floyd students Lori Caudill, Sofiya Cook, Kallie Jarrell, Maggie Johnson, Johnathan Moore, McKenzie Mullins, Audra Patton, Jayden Patton and Kinsey Sturgill

•Stumbo students Morgan Newsome, Addison Maxwell, Destiny Tucker, Allison Newsome, Wesley Hamilton, Bre Sturgill, Taylor Motherwell and Noah Watts

The High School Chorus, led by Conductor Ashley Tyree and Accompanist Debbie Mink, included the following students:

•Betsy Layne students Brianna Bradford, Donovan Mullins, Victoria Mullins, Alexis Reed, Andrew Waddle, Savannah Kilburn, Kayla Morrow, Keagan Akers, Christy Hall, Brianna Johnson, Cheyenne Keathley, Megan Gayheart, Allie Goode, Alyssa Kaylee Hayden, Jasmine Howell and Majaia Tackett

•Floyd Central students Autumn Bailey, Alyssa Cicchetti, Kierra Goble, Savannah Hamilton, Christine Howell, Natasha Moore, Kathryn Mullins, Austin Newman, Destiny Owens, Abigail Paige, Brylie Pennington, Chantal Sargent, Melinda Stumbo, Sabra Tussey, Skylar Williams, Genaviev Wynn-Murguia, Jamaica Caudill, Whitney Hancock, Justin Akers, Destiny Robinson and Abigail Martin

•Prestonsburg students Shawn Leslie, Ericka Boyd, Seirra Kauffman, Madison Collins, Samantha Fitch, Joesiph Hobson, Hannah Johnson, Michael Minix, Lauren Music, Sophia Ratliff, Tiffany Risner, Jonathon Spears and Emily Webb.

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