On Thursday, July 16, the Wayland City Council approved a bid for construction work which officials hope will help bring a new baseball field to the city as well as open the door to community opportunities.

During its regular meeting for the month of July, the Wayland City Council approved the bid from

T and N Concrete Construction LLC in Betsy Lane, which Mayor Jerry Fultz said was the only bid, for some construction work on the Wayland Park and Recreational Area. The council hopes that the work will help improve the city's baseball field, which will in turn, help the city be able to once again provide children within the city an opportunity to learn the game at home.

"This is kind of our field of dreams," Fultz said. "We're hoping that, if we build it, they will come."

According to Fultz, years ago the city had a little league program but currently there is "zero" little league or even recreational baseball/softball presence within the city, something the council hopes to change with these upcoming improvements. Typically, children in the city who wish to participate in little league baseball or softball programs have to drive to Minnie or Martin to do so.

Fultz said the construction work is necessary due to a land and water contract, which was administered by the Department for Local Government. He added, that the council entered into the contract through the state around a year ago, in the amount of approximately $42,465.

"We just want to be able to provide those children within the city the opportunity to participate in those activities here at home," Fultz said. "We're looking for those early years so we can help teach the game of baseball. And this is an opportunity to bring in an intergenerational connection too, as we may have some people who played baseball that may be willing to give some time with the kids."

Fultz said the field could also be used potentially for Cal Ripken league play or even recreational softball, such as church or senior leagues.

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