Road funding

Floyd County Judge-Executive Robbie Williams, Wheelwright Mayor Don Hall and Gov. Matt Bevin wait for their turn at the podium during a press conference held about the reopening a prison in the city last week.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet reports that Wheelwright will receive $85,000 in discretionary funds to fix a road.

Department of Rural and Municipal Aid Commissioner Gray Tomblyn II announced $85,000 in discretionary funds for resurfacing work on Hall Hallow Road while meeting with officials who attended the press conference about the reopening of the prison in Wheelwright on Oct. 18. The funding will resurface 0.43 miles of Hall Hallow Road.

“The Bevin administration continues to focus on taking care of what we have at both the state and local level to address critical infrastructure needs that improve safety and support job creation and retention,” said KYTC Secretary Greg Thomas. “This funding builds upon existing transportation investments and allows the Cabinet to collaborate with local governments to identify projects that will have a large impact in communities.”

Wheelwright Mayor Don Hall thanked state officials for the funding.

“I’m so excited about this,” said  Hall. “Great things are happening in Wheelwright. I want to thank Governor Bevin and his administration for helping the community of Wheelwright.”

Projects submitted to the Department of Rural and Municipal Aid for discretionary fund consideration were evaluated by the KYTC district staff to assess the condition of roads and determine the most critical needs based on factors such as safety, economic impact, and traffic volumes.

“Routine commuting has taken its toll, causing regular wear and tear on the roads in Wheelwright,” Sen. Johnny Ray Turner said . “I am pleased to see these discretionary funds being put towards these resurfacing efforts. Having properly maintained infrastructure is essential to the safety of our community.”

The city street provides access to school buses and more than 30 homes.

“I’m really pleased to see the Transportation Cabinet move forward with this funding, which will make Hall Hollow Road both safer and easier to drive on,” Rep. Ashley Tackett Laferty said.  “I’ve been proud to work with our state and local officials on projects like this and will continue doing whatever else I can to improve our county’s roads and bridges.”

The Wheelwright City Council is responsible for administering the work, and KYTC will reimburse the city for the project.

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