There is a war going on in the USA over who we are and ought to be. Mr Cassady, a regional editor for the group of newspapers that includes the Paintsville Herald, addressed that cultural divide with a opinion piece on 8/4/21 titled "A Feud Most Foul". In his written essay he likened the political opposition in this country to the senseless feud written about by Shakespeare and he hopes that we decide, once and for all, that something must change, that this feud must end. Now that sounds wonderful in theory, but evidently Mr. Cassady is either a hopeless romantic which causes him to be very naive about the realities of the world in which we live, or tremendously ignorant about what is going on today.

First, as Aristotle tells us, where more than two people exist, there are politics. And as I have told my college history students for many years, the noise of debate is healthy in our Republic. It is when that debate stops that you should be afraid, for that means you have lost your freedom! Also the call to "just get things done" which is common today, which suggests that what is done does not matter, as long as we do something, is naive and misleading for everyone really knows that it is what we do that counts. And the way we decide what to do in governing ourselves comes through public debate and compromise, so let the debate continue!!

Second, Mr Cassady suggested that there is no real basis to this debate, or feud, as he calls it. But he ignores the reality that fundamental differences have developed in our society which are not just just "petty squabbles" as he called them, but real differences. Let me name just a few out of many. One is the claim by liberal-leftwing Democrats that this nation is and has been a racist, evil nation where the white majority have committed terrible injustices to minorities all through our history and it should be fundamentally altered. The conservative Republicans believe that our country is the greatest nation ever developed, despite mistakes and mistreatment that has occurred, as all nations and groups of people do. But our system must be preserved in it's basic form while carefully making needed changes over time.

Another is the issue of abortion. Republicans, who have become the center of conservative thought as Democrats have become liberal and increasingly leftist that even begins to accept Marxist beliefs in their members, have called for an end to this practice legally which has now sacrificed about 65 million unborn children. They try to at least limit it to an early period in the life of the unborn up to the 1st trimester while liberal Democrats want to allow even more abortions up to the moment of birth, including killing the baby as it is being born. Conservatives base their objection to abortion on the their belief in God who gives us life and we have no right to take it unless convicted of a terrible crime. These 65 million babes have committed no crime. Liberal Democrats call for unlimited abortion in the name of the individual woman's freedom. What they do with God, if they believe in Him at all, is largely to say that religious belief has nothing to do with our lives.

I could go on for a very long time with such issues, but opinion essays must be limited in length. There are other basic issues like our individual freedom that the growth of our federal government increasingly diminishes until we become almost like the servants of medieval lords and kings and we are no longer free; or whether our capitalist system has led to the growth of our wealth and power as a nation through free enterprise and the holding of private property or whether we should throw that out as evil and embrace a socialist model where the government owns everything and distributes the wealth equally to all as the left-wing of the Democrat Party now desires. These are real issues which Mr. Cassady dismisses as meaningless arguments "that must end". He is extremely naive, thoughtless or ignorant, take your pick.

Donald Barlow, Ph.D.,


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