In case you missed it, there were a lot of really depressed people on Oct. 4 ... more than normal. It wasn’t because of finances, drugs, COVID or death, per se. It was however, over the temporary death of major social medial platforms that prevented keyboard creeps from making stupid posts about fictional events, topics or otherwise useless and socially demoralizing information that people wanted to jump out of first story windows.

These keyboard creeps listen to a scanner and post false claims while the social sheep send prayers on misinformation. Other keyboard creeps dupe unsuspecting businesses to spend money with them in hopes that they may get recognized. The administrators steal content and repost to their site and charge people money to do that. What’s worse is smart people know they are being duped, but do it anyway.

Monday, ironically after a whistleblower expose aired on 60 minutes, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went dark, gone off the gird. Several billion users had nothing to post about because the social sites went dead, leaving them and the keyboard creeps in utter despair. Facebook blames faulty configuration for the outage.

We have seen many whistleblowers over the years. Mark Felt, aka “Deep Throat” and former FBI figure leaked information, which was eventually known as Watergate. Daniel Ellsburg leaked the Pentagon Papers about our involvement in the Vietnam war, which was a fiasco. Linda Tripp led the scandal with former President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky; that left a mess (sticky situation)?? for Clinton.

Least we forget the two women who leaked information about that crooked bastard Eric Conn and the administrative law judge who bilked the government out of millions of dollars

The latest whistleblower is Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee who unleashed a bombshell about the social medial giant to on 60 Minutes. Haugen claims that Facebook had the ability to make their platform safe but chose profits over hate speech. She leaked documents to the Wall Street Journal making claims that Facebook knowingly massaged data to mislead people and fed them false information.

Facebook leads the charge in spreading false information and doesn’t regulate themselves, so how can they regulate the keyboard creeps?

Haugen said that their thought was the if the algorithms were changed for a safer platform people would not spend as much time on the site and would not click on ads causing less profit. She said the whole premise was that it was easier to increase political division, essentially increasing more profits. She said Facebook believes it’s easier to inspire people through anger than other emotions.

The article, according to her claims, said that Facebook was aware that Instagram harmed the mental health of teenage girls. This revelation has recently come into the spotlight as more teenage girls are blaming the platform, for their lack of self- confidence and personal abuse.

Haugen said that Facebook lied to the public about their efforts to clamp down on misinformation and hate speech. Thus further proving that the social media giant, through their data capsulation controls what the uninformed and gullible are reading. Therefore those sheep believe exactly whet they are being fed, which is garbage. Sound familiar?

CNN and FOX are no longer news outlets they are opinions of the left and right conspiracy theorists in an effort to get ratings. The social medial platforms are more dangerous because they track behavior and match you interest, however misguided it is, with misleading information and then sell your data to other parties.

So what happened?

Well, no one really knows yet. In order to get on the web platforms the Internet uses Border Gateway Protocol, which is a series of servers that directs you to a specific site. That series of servers went dark cutting out the ability to access those sites. Experts say that human error or an inside job, are both plausible explanations for the social meltdown.

I find it hard to believe that with all the technology they have available, that an outage of this magnitude and length can happen by accident. It’s been reported that during the six hours downtime, Facebook a lost over $100 million while its founder Mark Zukerberg lost $6 billion. I wonder what his tax rate is?

Now the federal government, that can’t even agree on how to supply funding to repair bridges, wants to regulate a private multi billion-dollar company. And Facebook agrees it needs regulation because they can’t do it themselves, which is a damn joke.

Its free enterprises and if people want to believe the stupidity that social media offers, that’s on them. If people would get off social media and get jobs, maybe that microchip that is needed for the new F-150 can be delivered and people can get a new truck.

But just like politicians, social media wants to have people hooked. The government keeps offering free money and services and the people keep voting those crooks in office. Misled people are hooked on social media like crack addicts and Zukerberg just keeps getting wealthier, while crooked politicians get reelected

Here’s my theory.  Zukerberg got advice from Hillary Clinton on how to erase electronic documents and needed time to do that. So he shut down the platforms, to erase the Benghazi-like evidence and away goes the controversy. But this time he is asking the government to help regulate his business. Lets put the fox in charge of the hen house.

Losing $6 billion to him is like losing your change from the fast food window in between the seats of your car. Or like the government spending trillions on everything but infrastructure

Unless the news outlets are verified, take social media with a grain of salt.

Thanks for reading the Floyd County Chronicle and Times.

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