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This week’s 30-day Regular Session activity ended with dozens of bills going to the Governor.  Being done with 28 legislative days, legislators raced to pass bills until the final minute last Tuesday. That was the last day lawmakers could pass bills and still have time to override any vetoes…

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Following the General Assembly's constitutionally required recess during a 30-day session, lawmakers returned to Frankfort on Tuesday, Feb. 2, to begin the second half of the 2021 Session.

One of the enduring lessons of COVID-19 is sure to be a fuller understanding of just how important internet services are to our everyday lives.

The headline on Nov. 20 screamed from the pages of the Standard and Poor Global Market Intelligence website: “US coal jobs down 24 percent from the start of Trump administration to latest quarter.”

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For more than 200 years, the residents of the United States of America have gone to the polls to cast their votes for who should be the leader of the nation or local municipalities for a term.

It’s likely that, when the history of the COVID-19 pandemic is written and discussed in the future, one of the biggest failures to be identified will be that of missing the mark — doing the right things, but in the wrong ways.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit in the last school year, school districts nationwide did what they could. Many of them moved with no experience into virtual instruction. Parents did the best they could to make the best choices educationally for their children, but it was all new territory.

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How often have we heard the phrase that “it is time to turn down the temperature on the rhetoric,” rhetoric used to drive the public discussion on the issue of the day? Rhetoric comes in many forms, but regardless of whether it is a headline on the front page of a local or national newspaper…

There’s a difficult issue that we must recognize and discuss during this ongoing pandemic. It’s one that many of us may not want to acknowledge because it can have devastating impacts on our families and communities.

In 2019, the National Safety Council estimates, 38,000 people lost their lives in automobile crashes.

Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, we warned on this page that people needed to be careful and thoughtful regarding the information they share on social media. That is doubly true during a divisive and controversial political season.

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