Information is flying at us all at a more rapid pace than ever in our world’s history. Just picking up your mobile device subjects you to an unending barrage of information — some valuable, some not.

In addition to a glut of information, there’s also an aspect of speed of information received today that sets it apart from the way information was received and disseminated in the past. You are expected to take all these stories and pieces of information and not only ingest, but also process and react appropriately instantaneously. The internet is not designed for nuance, nor is it designed for time to be taken to digest information.

The internet is designed to get you moving, keep you moving, keep your attention.

In the face of this, we have seen public discourse in this nation devolve to a point where reasoned discussion of issues is no longer the norm, but a rarity.

Maybe the two things are intricately connected. Maybe our lack of ability to talk, discuss and reason occurred independently of the advances of technology.

But, where does that leave us? Where can we turn when we want to take time to find out what’s going on in our communities, not in 15-second soundbites nor in exclamation point-laden clickbait? We’d like to believe you’ve either picked up our print edition or visited our website because you know what we offer.

If this is your first time thumbing the pages of the newspaper or browsing the tabs on our website, or if you simply need a reminder of what you’ll find herein, this is what we offer:

• Comprehensive coverage you can’t find anywhere else of local government, from the county level, to the city level and beyond. No other news agency has an individual sitting in every meeting of local government to not only report what happens in the meeting, but also breaking down, questioning and investigating the actions of government agencies to ensure you, the taxpayer, knows how your money is being spent and how you’re being represented.

• Comprehensive coverage of local sports events and teams, including interviews with student athletes and coaches and information which goes beyond the highlights and truly shines a light on the hard work and successes of these young people.

• Information and stories about your neighbors, about the good things going on their lives, about the marriages and births, the academic successes, information about the businesses opening up across our community and what they have to offer, and much more.

• Comprehensive coverage of local courts, so you know what’s going on, what you need to watch for to keep your family safe, and what’s going on in your community.

• Opinion pieces that help you to either change your mind on a particular issue or understand why your opinion is the right one. Some of these pieces will have you nodding your head in agreement or throwing your hands up in frustration, but what you will always find is an open forum for the ideas driving the discourse in our communities.

• And so much more. In fact, when you look at what this, your local newspaper offers, versus the cost, it’s a bargain, a steal, especially when you take into account the advertising information and valuable coupons which appear in the pages of this newspaper.

All of these things, including the historical record of this community, would be lost without this newspaper. It’s important and vital to support the newspaper by either advertising in its pages or subscribing.

The benefits of being knowledgable about your community are numerous and the newspaper gives you the unique opportunity to gain context and time to absorb information. We are also dedicated, whether in print or online, to giving our readers the most information possible about all the things that affect their lives.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you already know all this. But we’d ask you, this National Newspaper week (Oct. 4-10) to let others know the value you see in your local newspaper, what you get from the newspaper and how others can join in.

It’s been shown that newspaper readers are often more involved in their communities and more informed. People who read newspapers are often people who are more inquisitive and are often the leaders in a community. There’s a connection between taking the time to go over these issues in-depth and benefits to the public discourse.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to have trustworthy information at your fingertips from sources you can trust. We can give you that.

We thank you and look forward to serving you for generations to come.

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