We have had our fair share of mandates recently. It used to be that the only things certain were death and taxes. We are now seeing a rise in both deaths from COVID and taxes from stupidity. I think soon the government will be taxing us to death.

While we can never see what is certain in the future, we can only try to learn from history and navigate through adversities. The COVID pandemic has enabled us to not only learn from what history has taught us, but it also helped us better prepare for the next pandemic.

Technology enabled us to fast track and better communicate a plan to the world to help curve the pandemic. During other pandemics, we didn’t have that luxury. We resorted to basic rules like staying home when sick, covering our faces, washing our hands and so forth. These rudimentary tactics were used during this pandemic and the data shows it helped.

The vaccine is also working to help quell and eradiate the pandemic. The world is looking of herd immunity; either through anti-bodies or through vaccination, and science says that we need upwards of 75 percent of people to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. The holdouts are waiting for herd immunity. Ironically, we never waited for herd immunity to eradicate Polio, The vaccine did its job.

In the meantime, we have choices to make. Businesses can mandate all they want for their employees to get vaccinated. Adults have a choice to become vaccinated or not. Like I stated last week on how big Pharma like Purdue, invented mysterious ailments to push OxyContin, I understand how people may be leery about the vaccine.  

Where we cannot and should not compromise is with children. While a potential vaccine is looming for children ages five and up, we have to take measures to protect them now. Schools must do what has been proven to work and if social distancing and masks are required, then students need to follow the rules.

 Last week a lawsuit was filed against the county school system that appeared to include everyone but the maintenance department. It was filed on behalf of a minor by her parent and “resident” and taxpayer of the county school system. Apparently, the child does not want to wear a mask. But since kids are not of age to make these kinds of decisions, it seems clear that the parent and the “resident” are the likely suit pushers.

The school district said they will fight the suit, which will cost the district a lot of money. This is a federal case and they ain’t cheap. The people who filed the suit, without a lawyer, copied and pasted it verbatim from another suit filed that originated in Ohio. The suit that was filed against the Pike County School District was the exact one filed against the Mayfield City School District and listed Mayfield in the Pike County lawsuit.

This frivolous lawsuit, which most likely will be tossed, was presented to the court, with inaccurate information. I say frivolous, because if they, the parent and the taxpayer, were serious, they would have hired a lawyer who would have written a complaint specific to Pike County and not copied and pasted from another frivolous lawsuit.

Masks may not be the saving grace, but the schools are requiring them. Medical exceptions may permit a student from wearing a mask. And the district does offer an alternative, which is have children who don’t want to wear a mask to learn from home. There are alternatives. But complete defiance for a child to make a stand is unacceptable. If parents don’t want to wear a mask, that’s fine but children should follow the guidelines set for them. They are set  to protect themselves and others.

The suit will cost the district a lot of money that could have gone back into the classroom. That concerned taxpayer and everyone else in Pike County may see their taxes raised to pay for the district to defend itself. The district should put a clause in their counter suit that if the district wins or if the cased gets tossed, the people who filed the original complaint need to reimburse the district for the legal costs.

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