Election Day draws closer. While there appears to be more interest in anticipation of the 2023 races for governor and other state constitutional offices, more attention is needed on the races on the ballot for this November 8.

For starters, there is a U.S. Senate race between incumbent Rand Paul and Democratic challenger Charles Booker. To say that Booker is far left is an understatement. His policies positions may play in Louisville but nowhere else. This is reflected in polling data at, RealClearPolitics.com, where the latest poll on the race shows Paul with a +16 lead from earlier in the year. From my analysis, Booker is a distant challenger to Paul who will be easily reelected to represent Kentucky in Washington. Having Paul as the conservative Senator in D.C., standing in the breach against many of the failed policies that continue to be passed by this Congress is essential, many of his supporters believe.

Congressman Hal Rogers is also on the ballot. His leadership is without question. His position in Washington has benefited our region since he was elected to Congress in the new congressional district in 1992. Barring the sky falling, our friend Hal will be easily reelected to continue to represent us in Washington and to ensure that vital infrastructure dollars continue to be invested where needed throughout our region.

Closer to home, we have multiple state representative races to consider. The matchups are between Republican Brandon Spencer and Democratic incumbent Ashley Tackett Laferty. Both candidates are from Floyd County but have a few precincts in Pike County. Spencer is a former Democrat and was state representative for a time before stepping down and handing the seat back to Greg Stumbo. This will be an interesting matchup to gauge the strength of a rapidly growing GOP presence in Floyd County.

Likewise, there is a matchup between Republican Jacob Justice and incumbent Democrat Angie Hatton. This will be the most intriguing state race to watch in our area, as the district has been redrawn, with part of Harlan County back in the district and more of eastern Pike County added also, while removing the City of Pikeville from the district. We shall see if the challenger Justice can unseat Hatton, who is close with Gov. Beshear and Rocky Adkins. This will gauge the strength of Beshear going into 2023.

An aside, the gerrymandering done by the General Assembly to Pike County denies us the certainty of at least one representative who resides in our county and that is simply wrong. Personally, I discussed this farce on more than one occasion with certain legislators, asking that the most recent redistricting be done to ensure that Pike County have a guaranteed seat in the legislature. Yet, those in positions of power gerrymandered our County to death, dividing it four ways. Those responsible for this unfairness include some of our own elected officials currently representing us in Frankfort. They effectively place our county at a disadvantage and a diminished voice in Frankfort.

As we approach November, these are but a few of the races to consider. We will continue our discussion of the 2022 races next week, focusing on the local level races that are on the ballot in three weeks.

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