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Kyler Murray

Rodgers is an admirer of Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray (above), and he's a bit jealous of the youngster’s athletic gifts. Rodgers was an excellent high-school baseball pitcher; Murray was a first-round draft pick in baseball and could have been a Major League outfielder instead of a quarterback.

“Obviously an incredible athlete,” Rodgers said. “I’ve never seen him play baseball. But it seems like he made a really good decision because he’s a dynamic quarterback, football player, athlete.”

While Rodgers has been surprisingly spry at age 37 on runs of his own this season, it was Washington’s Taylor Heinicke who was the one running all over Lambeau’s green earth last Sunday, gaining 95 yards on 11 carries and giving the Packers defense a preview of what could happen if they’re not more disciplined in their pass-rush lanes against Murray.

“It’s a big challenge. You have to balance out being aggressive in your rush but also making sure that you’re not too aggressive,” defensive end Dean Lowry said. “If he finds a hole, he’s going to scramble and he’ll gash you. Just make sure we know where he’s at, collapsing the pocket. Because when he gets time back there and he can scramble, he’s at his best. That’s a big challenge for us facing a guy like that.”

Added safety Adrian Amos: “Kyler Murray is probably a little bit faster than (Heinicke). That’s something that we have to stop. That’s something that we have to be aware of, in the back end, for extended plays. When you’ve got a mobile quarterback like that, there’s going to be plays when he gets loose, there’s going to be plays when he gets outside the pocket. It’s up to us to contain him as best we can and then eliminate those big plays.”

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